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See diagram below for installation details on Trailer Light Kits

Trailer Harness Installation Diagram

Diagram above covers self grounding tail light models supplied in light kits of the following lighting series: 2024, 2044, 20245, 24245, 20445, 24247, and 20447.

All non-self grounding tail lamps supplied in light kits simply require the White (Ground) wire to be frame grounded by fastening the ring terminal to one of the tail lights’ 1/4″ mounting studs when attaching the tail light fixture to the trailer frame. Alternatively the white (ground) wire can be tacked down to any part of the trailer frame or spliced into an independent ground wire, which may be present on some trailers. This applies to models in the following series: 70, 71, 72, 73, 75, 77, 78, and 2078.

Marker lights supplied in lighting kits are all self grounding and require only that the hot wire be spliced into the Brown wire on the harness using supplied blue connector quick splices.

If your trailer is Over 80″ Wide then Rear ID lights are required and not supplied in trailer light kits. We suggest model J-VID for V-Bunk Marine trailers, or model J-551-RBS for most other trailers.

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