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Jammy Trailer Light Kits all come packaged in attractive and durable clamshell packages with full color header cards, including DS1 UPC bar-codes. Lighting is all DOT/SAE Approved and backed by our standard manufacturer’s warranty. Private labeling options available. Contact Us for details.

LED Under 80” Submersible Clamshell Kit. Includes:LED Under 80” Submersible Clamshell Kit. Includes:

J-24245 Right Side Tail Lamp
J-24245-L Left Side Tail Lamp
J-5024-WH 25′ Wire Harness
J-2023-BRK License Plate Bracket
J-801-C Wire Connectors & Hardware

Lamp Wiring: 14” Leads

Marine Compatible

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LED Under 80” Submersible Clamshell Kit
14" leads