Conspicuity Tape

Conspicuity tape, also known as reflex tape, retro-reflective vehicle marking tape, or simply DOT tape, is available at wholesale through Jammy in a wide selection of types and varieties all from one source. All Jammy conspicuity products exceed FMVSS 108 / ASTM D4956 Standards for Reflective Markings, are marked DOT-C2 (as applicable), and are designed to provide 10 years of field performance. There is a grade of conspicuity tape for all budgets and applications; in alternating 11″x7″ or 6″x6″ pattern as well as solid white, sold red and solid “school bus” yellow colors. Jammy conspicuity tape can even be customized with your company logo. As one of the largest importing manufacturers of conspicuity tape in North America, Jammy is also among the most competitively priced suppliers of vehicle marking products.

Understanding the Grades of Conspicuity Tape

TFT Grade – Metalized Micro-Prismatic Tape: A thin film, single layer product for those requiring the brightest available tape. Single layer Acrylic (PMMA) product that cannot delaminate. This grade is built for the toughest and most demanding applications. It has the most aggressive adhesive and is the most resistant to impact while remaining very flexible. The TFT Grade tape has a silver/red daytime color and a 10 year field performance rating. TFT Grade tape has a reflectivity rating of 940 candela. Compare this product to Reflexite V92.

PGT Grade – Non-Metalized Prismatic Tape: An encapsulated prism product with an air layer to offer a brighter white and brighter red daytime appearance than other grades. The thick acrylic face film of the PGT Grade tape adds to the durability and UV resistance making for a 10 year field performance rating. Not as damage resistant or flexible as the TFT Grade, but offers the appearance of popular competitive products through specialized reflective bands. PGT grade tape has a reflectivity rating of 600 candela. Compare this product to 3M 983.

What Grade of Tape Do I Need?

If you need a high performance tape at the best price we recommend our TFT Grade Tape. It has the most aggressive adhesive that works even with rougher surfaces. This grade is the most flexible to wrap around corners and posts. The encapsulation layer also makes for easy cutting around rivets with no damage to the cells. TFT Grade is also the brightest tape for the highest visibility of your product. Great for heavy duty trailers and agricultural equipment.

For those that demand a BRIGHT WHITE and dramatic RED daytime appearance, we recommend our PGT Grade Tape. This grade is perfect for marking white sheet metal on travel trailers, cargo trailers and heavy duty trucks & trailers with a tape that blends better with the white panels so popular on may pieces of equipment. This grade also sports horizontal reflective bands popular on competing products.

Why Choose Jammy as Your Supplier?

Product Selection – Jammy is partnered with one of the top manufacturers of reflective tape in the world to provide a wide selection of high quality conspicuity tape and reflectivity products – all manufactured and warranted by the same American company. Jammy stands ready to supply OEM builders and aftermarket distributors in the Truck & Trailer, Heavy Duty, Industrial, Agricultural and RV markets.

Fast Delivery – Jammy has distribution centers in Ocala, FL and Elkhart, IN backing up our main distribution center in Fort Worth, TX. We now have a distribution center in Ontario, Canada as well. We can deliver more quickly and cost effectively than any major conspicuity tape supplier. Our normal order turnaround time is less than 48 hours, with many orders being delivered in just one or two days from the time we receive it.

Low Prices – With low cost manufacturing, a nimble organizational structure, widespread distribution, and over 50 years of experience in the automotive industry, Jammy is positioned to offer the most competitive prices in the industry.

Additional Products – In addition to great conspicuity tape, Jammy is mainly a manufacturer of lighting products. We supply all types of vehicle lights, LED lights, and a complimentary line of trailer accessories, marine components, breakaway systems, wiring and reflectivity products. Jammy can be a one-stop-shop for many OEM and parts distributors. Consolidate your purchases, takes advantage of freight discounts and reduce the number of vendors you work with by dealing with Jammy, Inc.

Customer Service – Jammy is a family owned business with customer relationships at our core. We are easy to work with, we always have a live person answer the phone and we treat every customer, large or small, with equal importance and respect. We also have a network of local sales agents to personally attend to your every need. Contact Us now to get set up or buy something new from Jammy, Inc.